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                                     Misdemeanors -- Class A1, 1, 2, 3

     There are four classes of misdemeanors in North Carolina that range from Class A1,the most serious, to Class 3, the least serious. If you know the name of the offense you are charged with, or the statute number, you can find the class of the offense, which determines the sentencing authorized for a person found guilty of  the offense.  A list of misdemeanor offenses is provided on the North Carolina Courts website as (Supplement 3) which shows the class of each crime.  The offenses are in roughly numerical order by statute, but it should be easier to use the search function to scan the list for the name of the offense. Once you have confirmed that the charge is a misdmeanor and found what class the charge is, you can look at the Misdemeanor Sentencing Chart  and see the sentence range is for each class of misdemeanor offense by prior record level.

   I will continue to provide some information here that I hope might help you get a better idea of what you may be dealing with, but there are so many potential issues that may affect the resolution of your particular case, and there are often other statutory and civil consquences that are not included in the criminal sentencing laws, that you should not consider anything you might find here or elsewhere online to be an adequate replacement for speaking with an attorney. There is no better or adequate alternative to skilled, experienced legal counsel. Look at these things for yourself, and then talk to a lawyer. Most criminal law attorneys provide free consultations. Call (252) 222-5252 to set up an appointment or send us an email by clicking on "Contact us" button above.        PJC

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