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        If you've come here about criminal charges, whether it's a serious felony or a simple traffic ticket,
        then you have come to the right place. 

        If you have a loved one in jail, then MAKING BOND may be your first concern.  If you are having 
        difficulty deciding what to do about bond, read this link, and call me if you would like to discuss
        the possibilities. 

        Or you may have recently been contacted by law enforcement officers and be under
        pressure to waive your RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and answer questions or provide
        a statement without an attorney present.  Read this link... and call me.  We can talk about it.                     Philip J. Clarke, III
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Attorney at Law
        Or you may just be looking for an attorney with expertise in handling serious criminal                                  
        charges to represent you or a loved one in a pending case. Decisions made early in any criminal                  
        case, even about things that seem unimportant, may affect the ultimate outcome of your case.
         An attorney with extensive experience in handling criminal cases from the earliest stages through
         a jury verdict in superior court can guide you in making the best decisions every step of the way. 
         That is what I do. Give me a call.

        You know what they say about those who represent themselves in court.   Courtroom work calls for lawyers.  The 
        only thing better to have working for you in the courtroom than a good lawyer... no, not the judge--
        a better lawyer.  Don't put it off...that's right, Call me. 

        Keep track of your court dates.  A missed COURT DATE could result in an order for your arrest, fines, forfeiture 
        of bond and increased bond, and revocation of your driving privilege  if not taken care of quickly.  We can help
        with this.  

        I provide free initial consultations in criminal cases of all kinds.   If you are incarcerated or disabled, in most situations,
         I can come to where you are.  But only if you ....

        Please call my office (252)222-5252 and speak to my legal assistant, Mason Miller, who will set you up with an

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